Dimentrix offers product development and professional services.
At Dimentrix, our aim is to partner with client companies to explore new horizons in software development.
We understand that building software is an investment with a potentially high payoff provided the software is built with due quality and consideration to future IT needs.
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EMC Corporation
Hyper9 Inc.
Q1Labs Inc.
Jumpnode, IT Systems Management
BNDES,the Development Bank
NextAxiom Technology
Data Advantage Group
In the times today, the following holds true for all businesses "Dynamics of a market change unpredictably and an idea may get out dated before it becomes an opportunity". Know more Dimentrix provides professional services for all its products. Kindly have a look at the following documents for details to the same. Additionally
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New Product Launch
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sqlShark- Accurate and Effortless Database Activity Monitoring
Dimentrix proudly announces the release of its new product offering 'sqlShark' -
a light weight and zero impact database monitoring solution for Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere and MySQL. It "sniffs" out SQL Server packets directly off the network and provides a near realtime picture of the client-server interactions. It allows tracking of SQL activity at an individual level which can be used to monitor performance, adherence to SLAs, compliance to Acts such as SOX and HIPAA or for defensive spying on SQL executed by third party software.
Please visit www.sqlshark.com for more details.
jDCOM for JBoss
We have recently started working on integrating j-Interop with JBoss Application Server. This would provide functionality similar to Weblogic jCOM. More information can be found here. We would like to Thank the JBoss community for all the help they have extended to us and to the j-Interop users who suggested this useful feature.
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