About Us


Product and Engineering Services organization founded with following intents -
Professionally support, enhance and maintain its flagship product j-Interop.
Assure quality, responsiveness and commitment to the open source foundation of its product lines with a focus on community driven development.
Enabling customers to realize the full potential of their ideas using our high-end engineering services through an open, transparent and accountable engagement model.
Our Philosophy
In the times today, the following holds true for all businesses "Dynamics of a market change unpredictably and an idea may get out dated before it becomes an opportunity".

Building software in such times is an investment which requires careful planning and precise execution. Like most good investments it has to be done at an opportune moment and the deliverable must provide a definite ROI. It, at the very least, must meet the changing needs of its stakeholders in a timely manner.

Our Software Development and Business Philosophy is centered around the above statements. We know that for an idea to realize its full potential the "time to market" is of utmost importance. We also know that its implementation must address all the critical issues as proposed and it must have due quality to cross the chasm without forcing the stakeholders to revise the investment.

We believe that producing software out of sketchy ideas (for they often are) and no requirements being absolute (ever) is a digital craft. It requires breaking down the concept into smaller and logical composites, each of which will then be rearranged to form an image best suited for immediate opportunities. Such an image evolves as the demands projected by a market change (with time).

Our clientele can confirm what we say. Over the years, we have built software that has enabled them to take advantage of their ideas in a timely fashion.

Our Pricing
"Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick any two (you can't have all three)" - RFC 1925, 7(a).

Though put forward lightly the above statement holds merit.
Please consider the following representation of this axiom -

A solution can be part of one of the three segments and not "somewhere" in the middle (that would be an ideal situation in a skewed world).

Dimentrix resides -

In our experience, recurrent and assured quality has a cost associated with it. That is why we choose to be in segment one. Segment two has the obvious disadvantage of time lost and segment three will lead to a "patchy" software with perpetual high cost maintenance associated with it.

As can be derived, because of the immense value we provide, geography (we operate out of India) has no impact on our pricing.

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Dimentrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., 101, Paradigm Emerald, Ramindu Park, Baner Road, Pune - 411045, Maharastra, India.
Tel: +91 20 32405519 | Directions | Email: inquiry@dimentrix.com