DeepInsight is an advanced business intelligence and visualization platform that allows anyone
to connect to a variety of data sources, create powerful and persuasive charts and interactive dashboards,
collaborate online, securely, publish visualization on any web-platform globally or privately.
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Seamlessly Connect to Any Data Source

Seamlessly connect and bring in data from diverse data sources; such as relational and NoSQL databases, online storage service such as Google Drive, flat files such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, text files, JSON files, or pull in data from Web links.

Actionable Intelligence

Quickly analyze your data, uncover hidden patterns and insights, identify market trends and unknown correlations with our easy drag-and-drop interface. Bring your data to life with our 17 chart types. Go beyond charts and tables and create geographical data visualizations. Use our out-of-the-box interactivities; such as and not limited to chart hints, re-visualizing with a single click, date hierarchies, filtering, colors based on values, sharing and export capabilities, etc.

Deeper Analytics

Add flexibility to your visualization with parameters. Create on-the-fly calculated functions from our comprehensive set of pre-defined mathematical, string functions, logical operators, etc. Track performance against some goal or target using reference lines. Simplify your complex data using our built-in aggregation functions.

Dynamic & Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards are a dynamic and interactive tool that combines multiple worksheets in a single view. Use our drag-and-drop interface to plot worksheets onto the dashboard. Customize dashboards in real time via filters and drill-down capabilities, insert images and formatted text in a flexible layout through an easy to use interface.

Collaborate & Share

Easily share your visualization with other DeepInsight users in multitude ways. Share links give people access to your visualization, and real-time co-authoring shows everyone’s changes as they happen.

Publish Visualizations

Publish your visualizations outside your BI solution, on any Web-based platform or publish it privately with your user group.