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Accurate and Effortless Database Activity Monitoring
Pure Java - COM Bridge
Access MS-Exchange from anywhere
sqlShark: Accurate and Effortless Database Activity Monitoring
sqlShark is a light weight and zero impact database monitoring solution for Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere and MySQL. It "sniffs" out SQL Server packets directly off the network and provides a near realtime picture of the client-server interactions. It allows tracking of SQL activity at an individual level which can be used to monitor performance, adherence to SLAs, compliance to Acts such as SOX and HIPAA or for defensive spying on SQL executed by third party software.
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j-Interop: Pure Java - COM Bridge
Open source (LGPL v3) middleware that implements the Microsoft® DCOM protocol in pure Java. Since j-Interop does not carry any platform specific native code it can be effortlessly integrated into an existing Java application and will perform efficiently on any operating system where Java VMs are available. This unique feature enables Java based non-Windows applications to directly interact with native COM applications from their hosted platforms. A concise introduction to its internals can be found here and a detailed one is available here. The open source nature of j-Interop has several advantages.
  • It allows unconditional access to the source code of j-Interop which is in-turn open to review and comment by thousands of developers across the globe.
  • These developers, put together, have use cases which by far exceed our own test framework. They have successfully deployed j-Interop on varied combinations of hardware platforms and operating systems which no single enterprise could ever accumulate. Both these factors directly contribute to the stability and quality of the j-Interop library.
  • It is available for immediate evaluation and prototyping with full functionality and without any up front costs or time consuming procurement processes.
  • Being open source, it provides safe harbor against vendor "lock-in".


  • j-Interop development team provides excellent support with shortest turn around time possible.
  • j-Interop is a continuously evolving product, closely guided by the user community. This increases applicability of it to a wide number of opportunities which surface in a constantly dynamic market. More information on its advantages can be found here.
We believe that this cross-platform connectivity provided by j-Interop and its open-source foundation guarantees flexibility for your current and future IT strategies.
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j-XChange: Access MS-Exchange from anywhere
Open source (LGPL v3) middleware that implements the Microsoft® Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) in pure Java. This library exposes programmable messaging objects (including folders, messages, recipient addresses, attachments, and other messaging components) for building messaging or collaboration applications on Microsoft® Exchange Server.
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