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Dimentrix provides professional services for all its products.
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Highend Consultancy
Additionally, we also:
  • Assist in identification of Software technologies best suited to implement your precise requirements.
  • Undertake Design and Development of Eclipse based projects.
  • Undertake Design and Development of projects based on Enterprise Java.
  • Undertake re-engineering of projects with budget overruns and fading ROI to successfully re-establish the leverage offered by them.

We do not make tall claims about building "any or everything" under the Sun nor are we a one stop shop. We have a limited expertise but that is what it is.

We have worked with a diversified set of clients ranging from blips on the radar to startups to Fortune 100 companies.
Over the years, we have picked up actionable knowledge about the needs and wants of each strata and this proves quite invaluable during any engagement.

Please feel free to contact us at inquiry@dimentrix.com, if you have a proposition we can assist you with.


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