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Software Development

Well qualified engineers working on a wide variety of technology stacks, verticals, and business domains. AGILE methodology as the standard development process for all implementations.

Web & Big Data Architectures

Experience in building complex large-scale systems. DMXDeepInsight is one example. This product was completely architected, designed and developed from our India office.

Enterprise Software

Helped in enhancing and maintaining Aquafold's (wholly owned subsidiary of Idera Inc.) flagship offering Aqua Data Studio for the past three years. Actively worked on its Visual Analytics, Workspace Editor, Schema Synchronization features.

Open Source Software

Built the j-interop library which allows seamless development of Pure Bi-Directional, Non-Native Java applications; which can interoperate with any COM component. An unhindered native COM like access to ALL programmable Windows applications WITHOUT a native layer in between. Our customers have built high-performance non-native solutions over j-Interop which are successfully deployed on Linux, Solaris, and Mac.

Domain Expertise

We have extensive domain and practical expertise in Business Intelligence (Data Discovery, Data Visualization, Reporting and Interactive Dashboards, Big Data Analytics) and Databases (RDBMS, NoSQL, Big Data).

Quality Assurance

Dimentrix Technologies is an independent software quality assurance provider specializing in end-to-end testing services. We offer cost efficient & comprehensive QA services which ensure your product goes through rigorous testing at each phase and meets a stringent quality standard. We have expertise in agile testing, manual testing, backend testing, usability testing, performance testing, and functional testing. Our particular forte is Big Data and Data Analytics.


We have close to 15 years of experience producing technical documentation. We can work with projects of any size, create documentation from scratch, on any platform, and can work with all documentation format such as; printed manuals, online documentation, website content, and so on. Our writers are well-versed with the Documentation Development Life Cycle process (DDLC).